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As Christmas approaches this year even more families will face challenges in having enough to eat over the festive period, not only through poverty but the additional pressures the pandemic has placed upon them.  We are all aware of the recent publicity on providing children with food during school holidays spearheaded by footballer Marcus Rashford.

One person who was determined to make a difference this year was Damian Harvey who works at Ladysmith Shopping Centre in Ashton. Damian, who is founder of Tameside Troopers, has raised funds for many good causes in the borough through the years, sometimes wearing his Stormtrooper costume. He decided that this year he would help Barty’s Community Foodbank in Stalybridge, so he’s teamed up with Ladysmith Shopping Centre to host drop off points for donations. Already there are lots of bags loaded with items donated by Ashton shoppers at the Ladysmith.  “This year I wanted to help families out who may be struggling, “ says Damian, “ I thought it would be a good idea to do my bit and just today I’ve raised £105 which will be spent on selection boxes for kids.  I chose Barty’s because I know him, and I know for a fact that the items will go to people in genuine need and proper struggling.  He works hard to make sure food gets to the right people where it is needed. If anyone wants to help, they can keep donating at one of the drop off points at the centre on the run up to Christmas.” 

Donations can also be made direct to Barty’s Community Foodbank which now have a container located alongside Stalybridge Labour Club.

Steve Barton BEM collects some items from Damian for the food bank.

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