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With all the fundraising taking place for the NHS we were delighted to hear from Emma Thomas and the story of her fundraising for Tameside Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Emma wanted to do something positive with so much negativity in the world lately, to give a little something back to the nicu at Tameside Hospital. With her children Mason (7) and Amayah (6 months) both receiving expert crucial care in the unit Emma was so thankful for their help. She also really appreciated the support of her parents who looked after Mason and her other daughter Sofia whilst she was in hospital with Amayah.

Emma’s children had fantastic support from the neonatal team

It was whilst walking to her grandparents from Ashton-under-Lyne to Hattersley that the idea of a sponsored walk came to mind, Emma tells us more; “I wanted to do something different, but hard to raise as much money as I could. When Mason heard me talking about it to my mum he said ‘mum please can I do it with you. And we can try help you raise loads of money together”. I then started to get very emotional, for a 7 year old boy wanting to do this with me is a massive thing. Especially when he was born with his hips not in the right place and talipes feet. Which can sometimes cause him a lot of pain.

On Sunday 28th June me and Mason set off to start our walk during which I organised a surprise where 3 of Mason’s friends came out of their houses to cheer him on. Ruby, Lily, and Harry came out of their houses in the rain and wind to give Mason some support on the way by cheering him on. The look on Mason’s face for seeing them for literally seconds was absolutely everything as a mum to see.

Celebrating a fantastic achievement with the family

The walk took us 2 hours 41 minutes with no breaks 10.69 (km) just over 10 miles.

When we finished the walk, we had raised £625. Mason shouted it so loud so everyone could hear, as he was so proud of how much we had raised. It was a very emotional finish. Since then we have got it up to £930 since doing the walk. The money has all been raised through family and friends, we have also had a few people donating that have had babies in the nicu. We are Still getting messages about people wanting to donate which people are donating to my PayPal ( Thank you so much to every single person that has supported us and donated so far.

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