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If you don’t use, you lose it has never been a truer saying.  Months of on and off trading has put huge pressure on many of our local independent businesses, whilst national chain supermarkets have flourished. Whilst it is good supermarkets provide employment opportunities and experience for many, long standing businesses will be forced to close their doors for good.

Hyde Market

Covid regulations that have restricted our movements have also led to a huge growth in our habit of shopping online, which will be difficult to change as restrictions lift. Like many small market towns, Hyde market has become an endangered species, as traders are lured away by the benefits of trading from their own homes or gravitating to larger market hubs such as Bury and Altrincham, where shoppers who enjoy a bustling atmosphere are prepared to travel. The harsh truth is that we are all to blame if the shops that many like just disappear.

If we want our town to succeed and thrive after enforced hibernation, we have to show support by shopping local, using independent traders, who provide much more than the things they sell. To many, shopkeepers and stall holders are friends, who we get to know on a personal level, to share a smile and a joke with, or lend a listening ear to our problems and concerns.  It is the very essence of what community means and once lost will never return. Things change but we can control that change by our own individual actions. We are at a point when those actions will have a profound long term affect.


Andy Richardson

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